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  1. We challenge you to replace one processed item you normally eat (boxed cereal, chips, cookies or crackers-anything that comes in a box or bag!) with a vegetable that you could steam or bake (squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans) or a serving of fruit.
  2. We challenge you each day it's nice weather to get outside and walk a bit!  Maybe 5 minutes.  Maybe 5,000 steps. Maybe a new trail here:
  3. Want to make a change to your diet, your exercise, your organization, your life?  Decide on one small thing you're WILLING to change for a week and make that change.  
  4. If you do it for a week, try another week.  If you fall off the wagon this week, next week is a new week to try again!
  5. We challenge you to check a book out and read it!
  6. We challenge you to do 2 pushups (or 5 or 10 or 25) every time you're watching evening TV and a commercial comes on.  Or do squats, crunches, sit ups, jump rope, hula hoop!  Just get up and move during commercials!
  7. We challenge you to eat three different vegetables throughout the day. For example, some spinach with your morning eggs, add an avocado to your lunch and try roasted brussels sprouts or cauliflower (sprinkle with garlic salt, bake at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes- yum!) with dinner.  Then try three new ones the next day or the same ones cooked in a different way!
  8. We challenge you to eat 2 (or 3 or 4 or all!) of your evening meals at the table as a family!
  9. We challenge you to NOT eat in your car
  10. We challenge you to visit something new in Colorado Springs.  Check out some ideas here:
  11. We challenge you to take your kids (or your dog!) to a park and play with them on the park!
  12. We challenge you to participate in the Fort Carson "Climbing Wall" challenge here:  

Looking for something BIG?

  1. How about the Incline?  We challenge you to climb it!  Always climb with a buddy!
  2. Up for a 14er? We challenge you to climb one!  Always climb with a buddy!
  3. Climb to Barr Camp (6.5 miles up Pikes Peak) Always climb with a buddy!