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AUGUST 2018 #MPL Challenges


For all #MPL Challenges, the Fort Carson MWR picks 3 winners each month (or one group)! Each winner will receive one of our PRIZES!

If you're the winner, they will message you on Instagram. The more great photos you
post, the better!

August Challenge Weeks
Week of Aug 6
Week of Aug 13
Week of Aug 20
Week of Aug 27

  • Decide which challenge(s) below to take on.

  • DO IT!

  • Snap a photo or video of your efforts, your progress, your struggles or your success.

  • Use the hashtags #MountainPostLiving AND #AUGMPLChallenge

weekly food challenges white.jpg

We challenge you to try one (or more!) of these for at least five days of one of the weeks listed above.  Too easy?  Commit to all four weeks! 

1. Incorporate a different vegetable (fresh or frozen) at every meal.  For example, add some spinach, onions or mushrooms to an egg for breakfast.  Have a salad with romaine lettuce for lunch.  Try some sliced zucchini grilled with a touch of garlic salt with your dinner. 

2. Don’t eat in the car!

3. Replace a soda, monster drink or fruit juice with water

4. Wait 15 minutes after eating before you go back for a second helping; you may discover you’re actually not hungry for that second helping! 


We challenge you to try one (or more!) of these for at least five days of one of the weeks listed above. Too easy?  Commit to all four weeks! 

1. Participate in the 5K Pup Run on 4 August!

2. Read one of the Physical Fitness Great Reads Books.

3. Rent a mountain bike from Fort Carson Outdoor Rec and give it a go!

4. Commit to watching (it will be recorded!) or attending the August Fitness Seminar, “Tell Me Again Why Exercise is Good for Me”: Details HERE.

something big sunset.jpg


We want you to get your friends, neighbors, coworkers and FRG involved!   

For these challenges, a GROUP is considered at least 4 people.

  • Decide which challenge(s) to take on
  • Grab your group and DO IT! 
  • Snap a photo or video of your efforts, yo

Hashtag it #MountainPostLiving AND #AugMPLChallenge AND add a hashtag with the name of your group (it can be your FRG, your unit, your department, you neighborhood name or whatever you want to call your group!)

1. August is FREE ADMISSION for military to all CO State Parks!  Plan an adventure with friends and check a park or two or more out this month.  There are 41 spectacular parks to choose from and they’re all FREE in August.  What are you waiting for?  Click HERE.

2. Hike or bike at least 4 different trails this month with your FRG, neighborhood or coworkers.  Looking for trails?  Click HERE.

3. 18 Aug participate in ADVENTURE DAY at Cheyenne Mountain State Park!

4. Check out PROGRAMS TO INSPIRE.  Choose one, grab your group and give it a try! 

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